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Voice from Our Customers

"You can never go wrong with this coffee the quality is excellent strong as I prefer. Just as good as paying for a cup in one of their free standing stores. Very happy with this purchase the taste is superb."


"The flavour is strong but I enjoyed it very much. I got it on sale and it was very much worth every penny."


"Smells good, keeps my hair clean, and serves its purpose. Never had any complaints using this and will continue to."


"Really strong mint smell which i love. ive also noticed my hair feels a lot softer when i use this shampoo compared to my old one which im still finishing up."


"I’m a dancer so I use this for performances and it’s very vibrant, beautiful and very sheer. It’s also really creamy so it goes on very smooth. That is very vibrant, sheer, smooth, and overall it’s a great product."

Mary Jo

"I love the brand and it is moist and shiny. This color is a tiny bit tan but still love it. I normally wear pinks."

Jessica S